VIVATURF is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of artificial grass,synthetic turf,artificial turf
  • What is the lifespan of the product?
    Does the artificial grass fade in the sun?Fading will not occur. Garland artificial grass is manufactured to the highest standards using fibers that have been UV stabilised against color  fade. What is the lifespan of the product? The warranty of the grass is 6-8 years
  • Sports Venues
    With many sports including football & rugby benefiting from training & competing on artificial surfaces, it will come as no surprise that artificial surfaces will be part of the London Games.We recently supplied grass to HB Sports Surfaces Ltd for installation at one of t
  • Pub, Hotel and Restaurant
    The hospitality industry is beginning to see the advantages of installing artificial grass - hotel & pub entrances, balconies, patio areas, beer gardens, play areas to name just a few of the area¡¯s where artificial grass can be installed.This will reduce the maintenance cost
  • Red Carpet Event
    Tamara Drew Premiere, Odeon, Leicester Square, London Mon 6th Sept 2010.Leicester   Square¡¯s Odeon was transformed into a corner of Dorset especially for the occasion. The red carpet was bordered by artificial grass where a flock of fibre glass sheep looked right at home.We
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